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How to Switch Your Website to HTTPS 2020

How to Switch Your Website to HTTPS 2020
Usually, you can purchase your certificate from your hosting company such as pick a web and then let’s say we’re doing a domain SSL.

How to Switch Your Website to HTTPS 2020
How to Switch Your Website to HTTPS 2020

There’ll be an email that you need to approve it’ll go to say webmaster or it’s one of a number of specified emails your hosting company will help you on that side of things then the SSL CODIS is created and issued to you and it needs to be installed on the server so ask your host for help on that front or if you’re using a developer get them to do all of that for you but it’s pretty straightforward stuff then before you How to convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

Actually, start making any changes I would recommend that you take a full backup of your website files this is really it’s the belt and braces approach and if you use something like cPanel if your hosting company offers that then there’s a feature where you can do that but again just ask your hosting company or your developer if you’re not sure about that then the next step is you need to go into your website you need to configure the hard links and what we mean here is you’re going to be linking let’s say on your menu on your navigation or internally you’re linking to other pages and at the moment How to Switch Your Website to HTTPS.

They’ll be HTTP e HTTP so you need to change them to HTTPS that’s best practice and if you’re doing it on a small website say less than 20 pages somebody can do this pretty quickly they can just run through and manually make those changes for you if you’ve got a larger website particularly if it’s a WordPress one you can automate this and there’s a couple of scripts or plugins there the first one there is velvet blues update URL to plugin for WordPress and then there’s the interconnect it search-replace script.

So that can be automated I mean some websites that go into hundreds maybe even thousands of pages manually that would take ages so if you can if you do need to do that look to automate that as much as possible but do make sure you’ve got a backup of your files before you make any of these changes okay step four then you need to update any external links that you control.

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Now if you’ve been doing backlinking or link building for some time then you’ll be aware obviously it’s difficult to control external links that link to you so any that you do control these will be things like social media accounts directory listings or maybe you’ve got other websites that you control any-any that are pointing to you at the moment they’ll be pointing to HTTP so HTTP.

So you need to make sure that you change them to H TT PS okay now don’t get too stressed about this if you can’t make all of those changes because we’re going to be setting up a redirect which brings us to step five and this is to set up a 301 redirect and what this means.

But this is the type of thing you really need to get your developer to help you with this is not you know not something I’ve put on here don’t try this at home folks a 301 redirect basically it’s a permanent redirect and what you’re telling anyone who goes to the HTTP page is read redirect any HTTP traffic to the HTTPS equivalent.

It’s just going to redirect it permanently for you it’s telling the Internet that page has now changed to HTTPS so as I say get a developer if necessary and they’ll make a change if you’re using a line ax host for example as a lot of people will do then that’s done through your HT access file once you’ve done it you can do a double-check with an SSL scanning tool there’s one here I’ve couple here that I’ve listed this Qualis SSL lab and then for WordPress, there’s the WordPress SSL insecure content fixer so once you’ve done.

How to Switch Your Website to HTTPS

That I’ve got an optional step in here and that’s to update your CDN SSL now CDN stands for content delivery network and that’s a presentation in its own right but basically the way that it works is it’s a geographically dispersed set of servers which store copies of your website files on them and the idea is that this it will present the files very quickly to local users this is more for large e-commerce websites.

Where maybe have customers across the globe so they get their content much more quickly and as well as the performance side of things it also improves security because it picks up things like malicious traffic patterns a very well-known one is cloud for cloud flare and again check with your hosting company and if you are using a CDN then what you’ll need to do is just contact them and ask them to up for instructions on how to update it so that it recognizes your new SSL certificate and the fact that you’ve switched to HTTPS

But as I say most websites they won’t be on a CDN but I’ve put in there I put it in there as an optional step for completeness so step seven you need to update any third-party tools or email third-party tools that you use in any email so things like email marketing these days we all use a whole range of different services and software around our main central web site.

So I’m talking about things like email marketing marketing automation if you’re using Infusionsoft or whatever or one of those kinds of tools customer relationship management tools may be a billing system if you’re issuing invoices at the moment you might be sending people links with HTTP on them or even client login links just need to update them now to be HTTPS finally things like live chat switch your website to https.

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If you use live chat you’ve got canned responses in there you may be pushing pages to your customers on a daily basis where there’s useful information now of course that the 301 redirects are going to take care of that if they do go to an HTTP page they’ll be taken through to the new HTTPS but this is just about best practice and making sure that you’re um you’re covering yourself on that side of things then step 8 update any landing pages and page search links so maybe you’re using pay-per-click if you double-check your ads make sure they’re going through to HTTPS pages double-check any landing pages if you’re using a landing page generator tool like Unbounce or Instapage make sure that you’re updating your custom URL there too to be HTTPS in future How to convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

I say again the 301 redirects will take care of that but this is just for completeness this is just the belt embraces approach and then finally we need to make sure that we’re updating your Google product so things like Google search console which used to be Google Webmaster Tools you need to resubmit the HTTPS version and likewise with Google Analytics making sure that you’re picking up your new analytics change the default URL to HTTPS.

Okay so there we are let’s have a quick wrap-up first point is HTTPS is a secure way of browsing the secure way of setting up your website it isn’t just for payment these days especially since HTTPS is a Google ranking factor more and more people are switching for that side of things for the benefits of their ranking as well as security there are several types of SSL certificates.

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They all offer the same level of security however they do have slightly different options in terms of presenting yourself if you want the green bar you need to go for the more expensive extended validation I’d say overall if you’re not technically comfortable then do get a develop developer to help you and only high the graders once you’ve tested them okay once you’ve installed your SSL Certificates go through the checklist you need to run a backup update your internal links external links things.

That is under your control like your social media accounts set up a 301 redirect update your text file update the if you’re using a content delivery network or CDN do update the SSL there update any third-party tools that you’re using like content market it’s like so um email marketing and also any pay-per-click ads that you’ve got any landing pages if you’re using any landing page tools as well and finally.

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Update your Google tools things like Google search console and Google Analytics and there we are that’s it okay just finally if you do need any help with your online marketing or anything like that just head over to Maxima local we’ve actually got a free book that we can offer you there as well it’s an instant download it’s called a website survival kits and it gives you a step-by-step clear and concise plan for you to create a powerful long-term plan for your business How to convert your site from HTTP to HTTPS.

I hope you found that useful I hope you found it interesting we’d welcome any comments any questions don’t be shy put them below we do read them we appreciate them and we will respond to them ok thank you very much for your time and I’ll see you soon bye-bye.

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